Hero Bike Owners Rejoice: Leveraging NCB for Your Hero Bike Insurance

For many, owning a Hero bike is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a symbol of trust, reliability, and performance. Whether you’re cruising on a Hero Splendor, commuting on a Hero Passion, or conquering adventures with a Hero Xpulse, protecting your prized possession is paramount. This is where Hero bike insurance comes into play, and for those who seek to make the most of their insurance coverage, the No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a rewarding aspect. In this article, we will explore what NCB in bike insurance is, how it benefits Hero bike owners, and how to leverage it for your Hero bike insurance policy.

Understanding No Claim Bonus (NCB) in Bike Insurance

No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a reward system offered by insurance companies to policyholders who do not file any claims during the policy year. It is a discount on the premium that policyholders receive as an incentive for safe and responsible riding. The NCB is applicable to both car and bike insurance policies and is a way for insurers to acknowledge and reward customers for maintaining a claim-free record.

Here’s how NCB works:

1. Claim-Free Years: Every year you do not file a claim on your bike insurance policy, you accumulate a No Claim Bonus. This bonus typically starts at 20% for the first claim-free year and increases with each subsequent claim-free year.

2. Accumulated Bonus: Your NCB accumulates over the years, and the discount on your premium increases accordingly. The NCB can go up to a maximum of 50% after several years of claim-free riding.

3. Transferable: NCB is often transferable between insurance providers if you decide to switch insurers. This means that even if you change your insurance company, you can carry forward the NCB you’ve earned.

4. Temporary Lapse: If you renew your bike insurance policy after a temporary lapse or during a grace period, you can still retain your NCB, provided it’s within the stipulated time frame.

5. Impact on Premium: The NCB significantly reduces the cost of your bike insurance premium. The discount is applied at the time of policy renewal, resulting in cost savings for policyholders.

Benefits of NCB for Hero Bike Owners

Hero bike owners stand to gain several benefits from leveraging NCB for their bike insurance policies:

1. Lower Premium Costs: The most immediate and tangible benefit of NCB is the reduction in your bike insurance premium. As a Hero bike owner, this translates into cost savings, which can be quite significant, especially if you have accumulated a high NCB percentage.

2. Financial Incentive: NCB serves as a financial incentive for safe and responsible riding. By not filing claims for minor damages or incidents, you not only save on premium costs but also ensure that your Hero bike insurance policy remains affordable.

3. Encourages Responsible Riding: NCB encourages responsible riding habits. Hero bike owners who are conscious of maintaining their NCB are more likely to adopt safer practices and avoid risky situations that could result in claims.

4. Retain Coverage: By not filing claims for minor damages, you can preserve your NCB and maintain coverage for more significant incidents, such as accidents or theft. This ensures that you have the financial support you need when it matters most.

5. Policy Transfer: The transferability of NCB allows you the flexibility to change insurance providers without losing the accumulated NCB. This is especially beneficial if you find a better insurance deal with a different company.

How to Leverage NCB for Your Hero Bike Insurance

Leveraging NCB for your Hero bike insurance policy is relatively straightforward. Here are some key steps to help you make the most of your NCB:

1. Safe Riding: The primary step in accumulating NCB is to practice safe and responsible riding. Avoid accidents, collisions, and incidents that could lead to claims. This includes adhering to traffic rules, wearing protective gear, and maintaining your Hero bike in good condition.

2. Regular Policy Renewal: Ensure that you renew your Hero bike insurance policy regularly and before it expires. A lapse in policy coverage can result in the loss of NCB benefits. Timely renewal is essential to retain your NCB.

3. Understand NCB Slabs: Familiarize yourself with the NCB slabs and the percentage of discount applicable for each claim-free year. The NCB percentage increases with each claim-free year, reaching a maximum of 50%.

4. Opt for Add-Ons: Consider additional add-on covers for your Hero bike insurance policy. While NCB is primarily related to the own-damage component, add-ons can provide extra protection for your bike and enhance your overall coverage.

5. Consult Your Insurance Provider: Discuss the NCB with your insurance provider to ensure that it is correctly applied to your policy. Make inquiries about how the NCB works and how much of a discount you are eligible for based on your claim-free years.

6. Compare Policies: Periodically compare bike insurance policies and premiums offered by various insurance companies. By doing so, you can identify the best deals and potentially find insurers that offer competitive rates for your Hero bike insurance, which can maximize your NCB benefits.

7. Utilize the NCB at Renewal: When it’s time to renew your Hero bike insurance policy, make sure to avail the NCB discount. The discount is applied to your premium at the time of renewal, resulting in lower insurance costs.

8. Maintain Good Riding Habits: Continue practicing safe and responsible riding habits to preserve your NCB over the years. Even a single claim can result in a reduction of the accumulated NCB percentage, affecting your premium savings.

9. Transfer NCB If Necessary: If you decide to switch insurance providers, ensure that your NCB is transferred to the new policy. You can do this by providing your new insurer with the necessary documentation to validate your claim-free record.


As a Hero bike owner, leveraging NCB for your bike insurance is a wise and cost-effective strategy. No Claim Bonus not only lowers your insurance premium but also promotes safe and responsible riding practices. By practicing safe riding, renewing your policy on time, and understanding the NCB slabs, you can maximize your savings while ensuring that your Hero bike is adequately protected.

Remember to explore the available add-on covers to enhance your coverage and take advantage of the flexibility of transferring your NCB when changing insurance providers. NCB serves as a rewarding incentive for policyholders, encouraging them to be responsible riders and maintain a claim-free record. For Hero bike owners, this means not only protecting their prized possessions but also saving money on insurance premiums, a win-win situation for those who value safety and savings.